Causes of Hypertension

According to the experts in the UV Gullas Medical College, around one among every eight individuals has high pressure.

Hypertension may be a quite common chronic medical condition, being the underlying reason for around four in every twenty conditions moving the physique.

The causes of high blood pressure aren’t terribly clearly known. However, some potential causes of high blood pressure are known as revenant patterns over a period of time.

These causes are totally different for the 2 differing types of high blood pressure vis-á-vis the following:

A) Primary high blood pressure

This is also referred to as hyperpiesia or essential Hypertension; Primary hypertension may be a condition that develops over a period of time with no real specifiable cause.

Experts believe that the majority of individuals suffer from this sort of high blood pressure. There exist mixtures of risk factors which can be answerable for this. These include the following:

Risk factors:

Unhealthy lifestyle choices like poor diet, unhealthy sleeping patterns as well as lack of physical activities will take a toll on an individual’s body, over a period of time.

These poor lifestyle choices additionally cause a rise in the weight and will cause different connected health issues with the exception of high pressure.

Obesity may be a massive risk issue for the event of high blood pressure. Alcohol and tobacco use (Smoking) also are risk factors that increase the possibilities of getting high blood pressure.

Some people are at higher risks of developing high blood pressure than others.

This could be because they are genetically more prone to increased blood pressure, owing to genetic abnormalities inherited from their families.

B) Secondary Hypertension:

Secondary high blood pressure is an advanced type that occurs very quickly as compared to Primary Hypertension. Secondary Hypertension may be caused due to various factors including the following.

  • Due to the side effects of certain medications
  • Problems in the adrenal glands
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Problems in the thyroid gland
  • Chronic use of drugs

Seeking immediate regular treatment and observing high blood pressure is very important because it could cause many medical complications if left untreated over a period of time.

Hypertension and Stroke

Hypertension is a very common underlying reason for many forms of strokes, being directly responsible for about fifty-seven percentage of all stroke deaths within the country.

As per a study, 80% of strokes could be prevented and the best approach is to get your blood pressure in the healthy range.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure results in a stroke because it weakens and damages the blood vessels within the brain, inflicting them to rupture, narrow or leak.

This will additionally cause the formation of a blood clot within the arteries leading to the brain, thereby blocking the blood flow to the brain, therefore resulting in a stroke.

The extremely high pressure of a 120 mm of Hg or higher diastolic pressure and a 180mm or higher systolic pressure is generally the range of blood pressure that may probably cause a stroke.

Strokes that are caused majorly because of Hypertension include the following:

Ischemic stroke:

This is the foremost common form of stroke. This is caused by the formation of a blood clot within the artery that provides blood to the brain.

Once this clot travels to the brain, it cuts off the availability of oxygen to a specific part of the brain, inflicting the tissues in this part to die. This is referred to as an Ischemia stroke.

Hemorrhagic stroke:

A rupture in one of the blood vessels providing blood to the brain will cause blood to leak directly into the brain. This will eventually cause a buildup of pressure within the brain, resulting in a condition referred to as a hemorrhagic stroke.

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