Done With Your MBBS, What’s next – MD or MS?

MD or MS?

Finishing your MBBS in Philippines doesn’t complete the stages of you to become a qualified doctor. Then why do we need MBBS? It is a qualification which allows you to impart & apply human biology. In order to complete your process of becoming a specialist, you need a specialization as an MD or MS.

Let me explain what these abbreviations mean. MS refers to the Master of surgery & if you pursue this you become a surgeon whereas when you pursue MD (Doctor of Medicine) you become a physician.

When you become a surgeon you will work in the operation theatre mostly using the instruments while as a physician you will prescribe medicine and drugs.

In simple words, MD is post -graduation in general medicine and MS is post-graduation in general Surgery.

The MBBS students aspiring to be a specialist have to pass an entrance examination & based on the rank they get to make their choice.

MD or MS – What to Choose?

Selecting between MD and MS is completely your choice as an individual. It depends on your area of expertise and interest.

After you complete MS and become a surgeon, you need to be ready to address the emergency situations. As a surgeon, you must be available whenever there is an emergency. You have to be ready to spend long hours standing as your work could last quite long. You could work as a physician as well and prescribe medicines to your patients.

You may take some time to establish yourself since surgery needs a lot of skill and talent.

However, if you become a physician, you can’t practice surgery.

You can begin your work quite soon & if you are good at it, you get a lot of patients.

I am listing down some of the specializations in MS and MD.

In MS, you can do as a specialist in Plastic surgery, Urology, Orthopaedics, Cosmetic surgery, Obstetrics, Cardiac Gynaecology, ENT and more.

In MD, you can become a specialist in Neurology and Anaesthesiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Pathology and more.


MD, as well as MS, can get your career prospects giving good financial returns.

While making a decision on this, you need to see how brave or strong you are, because as a surgeon you might have to bear quite a lot of blood, make incisions, and lots of other things related to human body.

If you are not ready to handle this, then you should avoid MS.

For more guidance, contact the Philippines MBBS College.