Healthy Heart Rules to Live By

Heart Disease

Heart disease has turned out to be the leading cause of death for both men and women. It is observed that more than half of the deaths due to heart disease were in men.

So, can you prevent heart attacks? Yes, fortunately, some simple dietary and lifestyle changes can go a long way in reducing your risk. And this is the very first advice we at Gullas College of medicine suggest to our patients.

Just begin with setting some small goals for yourself overtime in order to avoid the feeling of discouragement when you can’t make changes that are too large or too fast. And then keep an eye on yourself.

Here are a few moves you can make for a healthier heart.

Get Exercise

Heart DiseaseStart your day with some exercise, getting one’s heart pumping with at least 30 minutes of moderate-level of exercise every day will help to stay away from heart disease. For instance, a fast paced walk or jog will do the job for you.


And don’t forget to pair your physical activity with a relatively low-calorie diet. You must take in as many calories as you expend through exercise.

Eat Fruits, Veggies, and Low-Fat Dairy Products

Vegetables for Heart DiseaseThe next thing you can do is to simply eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. These are the foods you’ve always known are good for you. Additionally, include choosing low-fat dairy products instead of whole milk products.

We strongly recommend the consumption of at least 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day, with an emphasis on the raw or roasted over the canned or frozen.

Be Stingy With Salt

Limit yourself to about half a teaspoon of salt a day to keep your BP under control and therefore lower your risk of heart disease.

Steer Clear of Added Sugar

Whether you are diabetic or not, it is wise to avoid added sugar. Consuming a diet that has too much of processed starch and sweets has been associated with a greater risk of heart disease.

Your body doesn’t need sugar to function properly & the extra calories could go straight to your waistline.

Avoid Meat

A healthy diet for heart should contain no more than 6 ounces of cooked lean meat a day.

Get a Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol Test - Heart DiseaseToo much cholesterol can lead to the hardening of the arteries leading to a greater risk of heart attack. People at the risk for heart disease must get their cholesterol level tested more frequently.

Visit the Gullas College of Medicine to test your cholesterol level and get guidance for treatment from our skilled doctors.


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