MBBS in Philippines – A Few Fact

MBBS in Philippines

Are you aware of the fact that more than 8000 international candidates apply for getting admission in the Philippines medical universities (MBBS in Philippines)? Out of this, more than 50% of students are Indians!
Isn’t it surprising? But yeah that’s the fact.
Here, in Philippines, the medical colleges and universities (such as the Gullas College of medicine) are popularly known for the high quality of education offered and for sending thousands of doctors every year to work in USA and other developed western.
And guess what, as per the American physician statistics, one out of 10 doctors in the United States possess their medical education background from Philippines.
The Philippines is the most preferred destination for Indian Students to study MBBS from ahead of Ukraine, China, and Russia.
You might know the reason for Philippines to be the most preferred.
Yes, it is a better quality of education. Here in the Philippines, we follow the problem-based learning method – the American standard of education.
The admissions are open. You may get in touch with our team for knowing the details. You may check it out here too, UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions.