Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination

Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination-MBBS in Philippines

The qualification in the MD program alone is not enough to become a doctor in the Philippines; the graduates must pass the Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination.

The Professional Regulations Commission conducts this examination along with the Board of Medicine.

This is conducted twice in a year, generally in the month of February and August.

The Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination or the Philippine Medical Boards aims at checking the ability of a candidate on two categories namely, basic sciences and clinical sciences each possessing of six subjects.

The basic science category includes Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Pathology, and Physiology.

While the clinical science comprises of Legal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics, Pediatrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine, and surgery.

Each subject contains 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and is graded separately. To calculate the overall grade, 8.3% of each subject is taken.

Sounds really tough right? Yes it is a very tough exam to pass as the passing average is 75% and besides this, you must not get less than 50% in all the ten subjects.

In order to get the medical practitioner license, the medical graduate is given three attempts to clear all the subjects.

On failing this, he or she needs to undergo a refresher course for one year to take the exam once again.

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