Qualities of a Good Doctor – Part 2

Qualities of a good doctor

What are the qualities you value in a doctor? You might be a person who prefers a doctor listening patiently to your concern or maybe someone who expects a physician to be more focused on solving your health problem.

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I assume that you are done reading the previous blog. Here, you will be reading about the remaining qualities of a good doctor.


Like any other profession, a medical career also demands this quality from the physician. Just by slipping on a white coat will not get respect from the patients; it must be earned as a compliment for your actions.

A doctor has to be attentive, patient, in order to satisfy the patients. We at UV Gullas Medical College teach students these basic qualities.


It is not enough for a doctor to be highly knowledgeable, it is equally important to reinforce that with confidence.

This will make the patients believe the physicians strongly.

When a doctor is strong and confident, he or she would be listened to & respected by the patients. Even when a doctor is unsure about something, they should not let their patients know about it.

Instead, come out with a solution by consulting other resources, specialists etc. in order to provide the diseased with most informed treatment.


Humility works in complimentarily with confidence. A doctor must be available and easily approachable. Hence, despite time constraints & over-scheduling, a doctor should be ready to attend the patient.


A doctor must be dedicated to improving the lives of others & must be willing to spend long nights with patient charts.

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