Student’s life in the Philippines

tudent’s life in the Philippines-MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines still continue to be an attractive destination for Indian aspirants wishing to pursue a medical education. Indian students are observed to be keenly interested to study MBBS in Philippines. This blog highlights the student’s life in the Philippines.

Besides the affordable medical universities, acceptance of English language and a wide range of natural resources, the country welcomes diversity like none other.

The natives are seldom seen inhospitable towards foreigners. Generally, Filipinos are cheerful with a great sense of humor. And it is ranked nearly top as one of the happiest countries in the world.

Pursuing higher studies in the Philippines is definitely a wise decision that one could make as the Philippines universities offer world-class education in the medical field.

MBBS in Philippines is an easily workable option for Indian aspirants due to many reasons including similarities like homely and welcoming culture, high-quality education, and affordable cost of living.

Reading and believing is entirely different than actually experiencing it, just secure your admission and visit to experience life as a student in the Philippines. This will be a decision of your life that you’ll never regret.

Let us tell you some other aspects that are attracting the international students to Philippines medical College.


The feel of home away from home comes only with familiar culture, growth assurances, and security. The Philippines is normally considered a safe country. However, we need to be aware of the environment anywhere around the world and the same simple rule applies to the Philippines too.


The present education system in the Philippines needs four years of college-level grades after your high school to receive a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, on completion of 4 years, you are admitted to the MD course.

Hence an Indian student who has studied in India under 10+2 system needs to do the BS course before enrolling for MD.


The Philippines is one of the finest medical education hubs in the world. Renowned institutes like the University of Visayas, Gullas College of Medicine.

Quality of Education:

The Philippines education is highly influenced by American methods and curriculum unlike the institutes in India that follow the British methods and curriculum.

Additionally, there is no capitation fee for admissions which is an added advantage. You must be aware of exams like NMAT before stepping into the Philippines. This is the requirement for admission to core medicine i.e. MD.

To learn more about the NMAT exam, you may click here to Know the NMAT.

Future Prospects:

After the completion of MBBS from the Philippines, you are eligible to practice in about 50 countries around the world. All you need to do is to clear the screening test of that country.

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