Why Doctors are more respected?

Why Doctors are More Respected?

Every year the world experiences some or the other changes. But on the other side of the coin, there are certain elements that are still unchanged. For instance, since the ancient period, the respect that a doctor gets from society is perpetual.

This blog is based on the views shared by some of the students from UV Gullas Medical College.

Doctors are among the most educated people in society. You may question, so what? Now a day you can find people holding a degree in every family. But still, there is something special about being a doctor.

Ever wondered why is it so? What is that factor that gets doctors more respect and honor from the community?

Doctors hold a great responsibility in the well-being of mankind. And the journey in med school is not a cake walk.

Yes, medical school is among the most exhausting phase one can undergo academically. None of the other professions would have such a barrier of entry. You can easily become an economist or a teacher with a little more than a college degree.

To become a doctor one has to spend at least 10 years of their life to just practice their profession. A little mistake can cost their whole career and someone else’s life.

If you choose to study MBBS in Philippines, it takes 6 years to complete the medical course.

There are many who keep arguing that everybody should be treated equally irrespective of the degree they hold. Yes, it is totally acceptable that as a human we must treat each other equally and we have to teach the same to our children.

However, the respect that a doctor receives in the community is not just because of the credentials they possess. Rather, it is a token of gratitude that people show towards them for serving mankind.

As mentioned earlier, a single mistake by a doctor could cost someone’s life.

Here, I would like to share a short story I always admired.

It’s just a short story, so please stay tuned. Here we go.

Once a doctor visited a garage to get his car repaired. There, the mechanic while doing the repair work was noticing how people were respecting the doctor.

The mechanic later went to the doctor and asked a question,” Dr. both of us are more or less in the same profession, you repair human body while I repair the vehicles, then why do you get more respect from the society.”

The doctor laughed and replied, “That’s a great question that no one ever asked” Yeah you are right both of us are into the repairing or healing the affected parts, but can you repair the vehicle when it is running? This question left the mechanic speechless.

That’s a great answer right.

Hope you loved this blog.

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